Rush Exhaust Purification - Catalytic Converter - Purifier
Rush Exhaust Purification - Catalytic Converter - Purifier 1

Catalytic Converters / Purifiers are the most popular device for controlling diesel emissions. In a Catalytic Converter / Purifier exhaust pollutants undergo a catalytic reaction with oxygen producing less harmful compounds. They are used in lean mixture diesel engines. (Oxidation) converters burn HC and CO molecules with the assistance of a precious-metals wash coat. This process “converts” these harmful gasses into water vapor and carbon dioxide (CO2) which is nontoxic to humans. It’s important to understand that Converters / Purifiers are most effective when used with engines that have a lean air/fuel mix because this condition provides ample oxygen to “burn” the pollutants. Catalytic Converter / Purifiers almost entirely remove the smell of diesel exhaust.

Catalytic Converters / Purifiers have reductions of:
– Carbon monoxide (CO) from 85-98%
– Hydrocarbons (HC) from 80-95%
– Particulate Matter from 20-95%.

Is an exhaust emission control device that converts toxic gasses and pollutants in exhaust gas from and internal combustion engine into less-toxic pollutants by a process called catalyzing.

Rush Exhaust Purification & Rush Enterprises offer a range of Catalytic converts / Purifiers which are fitted to the customer’s needs, For Example : In Silencers, In case it with cones, we can add flanges or pipe ends. This makes for easy fitment, Bolt on/Off or Clamp on/Off.